Play It Forward

Play it Forward!

We have fun at our rehearsals and break out into laughter as often as we break out into song! We recently passed our audition and are excited to be singing together as an "official quartet". We look forward to sharing our music with audiences in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. If you're looking to surprise a colleague, friend or family member with the gift of song, please contact us and we will "play it forward".

Tenor - Kaeli Porteous, Lead - Jackie Roy, Bass - Ruby Lefebvre, Baritone - Wendy Porteous

Kaeli is a 3rd generation barbershopper and a natural born tenor with 5 years experience in Sweet Adelines International. She attended many Canadian Showtime Chorus coaching sessions as a toddler and sang along with barbershop music in the car growing up. Kaeli performed on the international stage with Canadian Showtime Chorus in Hawaii in 2013 and sang in a Young Women in Harmony (YWIH) chorus directed by Debbie Cleveland in Nashville, Tennessee in the summer of 2015. (Her Nanny would be so proud!)

Our lead, Jackie, is no stranger to the stage. She has been shining her light as a performer with Musical Theatre companies for 20 years. (most recently with Suzart Productions) She has been a member of Sweet Adelines International for 6 years (5 years as a member of Canadian Showtime Chorus and 1 year with Lions Gate Chorus when they won a bronze medal at Houston in 2011) Jackie confesses to being a "Musical Island Boys" groupie and knows all the lyrics to Les Miserables.

Our musical bass, Ruby, has been playing piano her whole life and enjoys singing with her Church choir. She has been a member of Harmony Inc for 1 year and Sweet Adelines International for 6 years. As a top row performer with Canadian Showtime Chorus, Ruby is thrilled to have discovered the chorus and one of her highlights has been performing on stage at Carnegie Hall in NYC. Ruby is known for her levity and spontaneous outbursts of laughter at quartet rehearsals.

Our baritone, Wendy, is a 2nd generation barbershopper as her Mom, Beverley Featherstone, was a charter member of Canadian Showtime Chorus (formerly known as Canadian Showcase Chorus). After joining her Mom on the risers in 1991, Wendy has since performed in the front row, contributed as the PR/Marketing Coordinator and assisted with chorus team building. Wendy's love of singing stems back to her childhood when she could be seen using a salt shaker as a microphone.

For more information, please contact Jackie Roy at [email protected]  613-421-0127