Continental Crush Quartet

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Continental Crush consists of three Canadians; Claire McMartin (the Lead) who sings in North Metro Chorus) along with Stacy Hugman and Tracey Larder (Bari & Tenor respectfully, who both are members of Canadian Showtime Chorus.) The fourth is their Dutch gal, Anne-Miek de Nijs (Bass) who lives in Amsterdam. 

In November 2021 after their very first-time meeting in person, they felt the universe shift! There was an instant and magical bond or connection. They inexplicably felt like they’ve known each other for years. Perhaps it is because they all have the same humour, age, height, love of travel and adventure? Maybe because they have similar lifestyles and all have supportive husbands? Who knows, but they sure are having a blast together!!! 

CC gets together 3 or 4 times a year and when they cannot be together “live”, they use Zoom and a private Facebook page (simultaneously). Although it’s difficult to perform “locally”, their goal is to entertain whenever and wherever possible, as well as compete annually with SAI and Harmony, Inc. 

The only minor difficulty this quartet seems to face, is the 3500+miles (5600+ km) that separate them… well and shopping for costumes!