Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Engaging women in the joyful pursuit of musical excellence in 4-part harmony a cappella singing through learning opportunities, education, performance and competition.

Our Vision

A community leader captivating audiences through exciting performances and exceptional musical storytelling

Guiding Principles

CSC is committed to a positive, welcoming and engaging experience across all activities while promoting personal responsibility for our overall success.

We are guided by these principles:

     Culture: fostering teamwork, respect, a sense of belonging, encouragement and lifelong friendships;

     Diversity and Inclusion: where individual uniqueness is valued;

     Innovation: through delivery of creative programs, rehearsals and performances;

     Continuous Learning: for singers and leaders alike;

     Commitment: to strive for personal vocal and visual performance excellence;

     Outreach: building strong community connections by sharing our love of harmony and music.