It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  No, not Christmas but our Sweet Adeline of the Year celebrations!

This honour is awarded annually to a member who has contributed greatly to the general well-being of Canadian Showtime Chorus. She is dedicated and conscientious and shows friendship towards the chorus and individuals.

Meet Kelly Edwards, our newly minted SAOTY.  Kelly was recognized at rehearsal on June 18th.  Let her reign begin.

Here are some of the great comments from her nominators.


What could be more exciting than preparing for a show? Nothing! Canadian Showtime Chorus is in the planning stages of our first show since 2018 and we have titled it “A Musical Mosaic, Celebrating 40 years of Harmony”.

We have a name. We have a date, November 16, 2024. We have a venue. We also have an evolving plan of how to best celebrate and represent our 40th Anniversary with Sweet Adelines. Songs have been chosen, with a shout out to nostalgia as well some new music as well. What a pot pourri.

Canadian Showtime Chorus is very excited to welcome to the risers 7 new members! They started with us in January and have now passed their auditions. Our sound is really benefiting from the addition of their lovely voices. 

Welcome to: Susan Marshall, Genevieve Robert, Debra Scarpelli, Elena Burbyga, Samantha Harrison-Coe, Audrey Lemieux and Jeanne Wegner. 

What a birthday it was! 99 years and counting. 

In February, a small version of Canadian Showtime Chorus had the honour of singing for a former member who sang with us well into her 80’s and who was about to celebrate her 99th birthday . You can’t hold a dedicated singer down. She now calls a long term care facility home so our Sunday afternoon performance was enjoyed by other residents too. 

For me, this has been a lifetime in the making, although I didn’t know anything at all about Sweet Adelines until I joined this chorus back in 2001, on the coattails of CSC’s first big Wild Card win. 

I first had a taste of arranging music for my grade 13 instrumental music class when I wrote something for several brass & wind instruments an assignment. It was all hand-written in my musical chicken-scratch; Who knows now if it would’ve even been playable? I came across it once a while ago, but fortunately I can’t find it now.

This past July, No Compromise quartet had the incredible opportunity to attend Harmony University (HU), thanks to the generous support of Sing Canada. The quartet track at HU opened doors to invaluable learning experiences and personal growth that will resonate with us for a lifetime.

Submitted by the intrepid Carol, Karina, and JD

We all giggle when we hear it …. it’s only one night a week! No question, that one night a week is our foundation, but it takes extra time between rehearsals by each individual to achieve the heights we all strive for. Ours is a sport and like all great athletes, we need to exercise every part of our being - our voices, our vocal instruments and our bodies to build enough stamina to effortlessly sustain us through a performance!