The Anticipation Builds


What could be more exciting than preparing for a show? Nothing! Canadian Showtime Chorus is in the planning stages of our first show since 2018 and we have titled it “A Musical Mosaic, Celebrating 40 years of Harmony”.

We have a name. We have a date, November 16, 2024. We have a venue. We also have an evolving plan of how to best celebrate and represent our 40th Anniversary with Sweet Adelines. Songs have been chosen, with a shout out to nostalgia as well some new music as well. What a pot pourri.

We are in the capable hands of Leslie Hoyle who has recruited a show team and is busy managing us. Hooray for Leslie! This “little” job will keep her busy for a while.

Not only are our established members eager for the show but also our New Members are looking forward to showing off their skills. We are so happy to have their voices with us on the risers.