A Transformative Journey: No Compromise Quartet's Experience at Harmony University (26-Aug-2023)

This past July, No Compromise quartet had the incredible opportunity to attend Harmony University (HU), thanks to the generous support of Sing Canada. The quartet track at HU opened doors to invaluable learning experiences and personal growth that will resonate with us for a lifetime.

Throughout the week, we had the privilege of working with three remarkable coaches: Tim Waurick, Mo Field, and Rafi Hasib. Their expertise and guidance allowed us to delve deeper into our craft and discover new dimensions of our musical abilities. With each passing day, we felt ourselves growing, not only as individual singers but also as a united ensemble.

The skills we honed during the intensive coaching sessions helped us understand the nuances of harmony and precision. The transformation was evident in the way we approached and delivered our music. As we explored the emotional depths of each song, we found ourselves resonating with the lyrics on a profound level. The coaches encouraged us to infuse our performances with raw emotions, making our music more impactful and heartfelt. The ability to connect emotionally with our songs not only enriched our performances but also strengthened our bond as a quartet.

Now that we are back home, we are eager to put the tools and knowledge we gained at HU into practice. Armed with newfound skills, we are committed to continuous improvement and growth. We can't wait to get to work, applying the techniques and insights we learned during our time at HU to refine our performances and elevate our music to new heights.

Moreover, the benefits of the Sing Canada Scholarship extend beyond just our quartet. We are excited to share everything we learned with our Canadian Showtime Chorus family. By passing on our knowledge and experiences, we hope to inspire and empower others within our community to embrace their passion for music and strive for excellence.

Our journey at Harmony University was nothing short of transformative. The generosity of Sing Canada allowed us to immerse ourselves in a world of musical education and self-discovery. Working with the talented coaches and exploring the depths of our music helped us grow as individuals and as a quartet. As we carry the knowledge and experiences with us, we look forward to embracing the future with a newfound dedication to our craft and a burning desire to make each performance emotionally resonant and unforgettable.

Julie, Sarah, Stephanie and Erica
No Compromise Quartet