Ode to the Chorus

It is a truly wonderful thing
To love, to laugh, to dance and to sing
A brave solo or an ensemble performance
We do it all in Canadian Showtime Chorus

We twitch; we blow the pitch and attend coaching sessions
We have become masters of various facial expressions
Elevating brows, opening eyes and wrinkling noses
And let us not forget the matching physical poses

We wiggle our hips, lean forward and our lungs begin to fill
Vowel sounds, legato, swinging the cat and road-kill
Directed by Sandie she puts the chorus through its paces
Our coaches actually use all those crazy musical phrases

The Director has a master plan and guides us over miles
Of overtones, armpit resonance and spinning the tiles
We emote and hold onto notes 'til we almost turn blue
We've become dedicated choristers through and through

To be more artistic and exude earned confidence
The end result will entertain and engage our audience
We've worked hard, traveled and made wonderful friends
I hope our musical interlude never ends

Patti Coutts
13 April 2012