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New to a cappella singing?
Want to enjoy the magic of singing four-part harmony?
Join our Chorus on our journey to Internationals!

As we diligently prepare for THE contest of the year at Internationals in New Orleans this September, we are taking a hiatus from new member recruitment until the fall of this year.

But let’s stay in touch!!  

If you are an experienced  a cappella singer who loves to perform OR are new to a cappella singing and want to enjoy the magic of singing 4 part harmony and are thinking of joining team Canadian Showtime Chorus, stay in touch with us on social media @CANADIANSHOWTIMECHORUS and @CDNSHOWTIME so we can be sure and keep you in the “new member” loop.  

Our 2nd Holiday Chorus launches again in the fall too - just another reason to keep us on your social media feeds.  

If the competitive sport of 4-part harmony singing sends shivers up your spine, then come join our team this fall!





Radiate Passion through singingReal Women. Real Harmony. Real Fun.

Do you like singing in groups, at church or before an audience?  Do you want to make music with other women? Do you want to improve your vocal skills and be part of a great group of women who compete internationally? If so, come out and sing with us!

You'll meet a warm and friendly group of women from all walks and different  stages of life who share the uncommon joy and wonder of singing in harmony. We don't all have "great" voices, but we learn to perform in the art and technique of singing four-part a cappella harmonies that make the hair stand up on the back of your neck!

Joining Canadian Showtime can be a great weekly night out for you, where you’ll enjoy the company of new friends. After rehearsal, you’ll have a  great feeling of satisfaction, knowing that you're a better singer, artist and performer than you were at the start of the evening. It's not only fun seeing the transformation in our own abilities – it's even more fun being part of a group learning to perform and compete with the highest degree of excellence at the international level.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for new members and if so when can I join?

We welcome new singers to try their voices at 4-part harmony singing with us beginning again this fall . Please refer to the New Members section for more details.  Most new singers get hooked and sing with us for many years. We hope you do too!

 Where do you rehearse and how often?

We rehearse every Tuesday from 7:00 to 10:00 pm at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre (NCAC), 35 Stafford Road, Bells Corners. We also have special coaching sessions, usually two weekends (Friday night and all day Saturday) per year with either our Director or a visiting coach / choreographer. These coaching sessions help us work together to bring our performances to a higher level.

Could I visit a rehearsal?

Yes - we love an audience!! However, like every good host, we do like to know when to expect guests. Please contact our Membership Services Coordinator in advance, at [email protected], to let us know you're coming.

Not at all! If you've never experienced the joy of belonging to a singing group, then it's an experience you won't want to miss. You will love the experience of hearing your voice in a four-part harmony setting.

In early 2019, we will welcome all new singers to join our high performance chorus as we begin the next leg of our journey to success.  New Orleans is the host of our next International competition in September 2019. If the competitive sport of 4-part harmony singing sends shivers up your spine, then come join our team!  Keep watching the site for updates!!

Do I need to be able to read music?

We provide digital learning tracks and sheet music to learn our music. The ability to read music is an asset, but not a requirement. If you’ve ever wanted to sight-read music, this is just one of the many skills you can learn by singing with us.

Do I need to pass an audition before joining?

Yes, but not right away.  We give our potential new members the opportunity to get to know the chorus while learning and performing a piece of music with us on the risers, surrounded by our incredible harmonies. Our designated music specialists will meet with you regularly to answer your questions and provide feedback.  We will work together to determine your suitability for Canadian Showtime. Once you are ready, a performance readiness check is completed. But not to worry! This involves all aspects of performance, with singing and some choreography, in a small, friendly setting. Although it sounds daunting, rest assured we try to make the experience not only a learning one, but one of encouragement and support along the way.

Do I have to attend all the rehearsals?

After joining Canadian Showtime Chorus, that question will answer itself. You will have so much fun making music with your friends that you won't want to miss a rehearsal. Rehearsals are where all the magic and plans for our shows and competitions come together to make being on stage the wonderful experience it is. Of course, we prefer our members attend all rehearsals.  However, we also recognize that people lead busy lives that may lead to missing the occasional rehearsal - this is when you call a friend and catch up on what you missed.

How are the chorus affairs managed?

This is an appropriate spot for the saying "Many hands make light work”. With a chorus of over 80 female members, the opportunity to get involved in just about anything from costuming, show production, sets, administration, fundraising etc. is yours for volunteering.

We do have a management team that is elected by members to take on the task of managing the affairs of the chorus. Management team positions comprise: Team Leader, Finance Coordinator, House and Music Services Coordinator, Membership Services Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator and Communications Coordinator. The Chorus Director is also a member of the management team.

How many productions/shows/competitions in a year?

Regional competition takes place every spring in Syracuse N.Y. Picture yourself on a spring weekend away with 1500+ women... singing, learning, laughing, meeting and making new friends from choruses in our Region. Oh and after all the fun and hard work of competing is done?  There's the shopping!

Since 2002,  Canadian Showtime has received the wildcard nod with the highest 2nd place score internationally.  Now as the reigning 2018 Region 16 Champions, we again have the honour of representing our region at the International level in New Orleans in September 2019! We've had a great time on the road to internationals in Nashville, Indianapolis, Hawaii and Las Vegas (three times!).  Now an audience of 10,000+ awaits us in the “Big Easy”. Can you feel the rush belonging to this chorus brings?

We regularly produce public shows, which we stage in Ottawa. These are some of the best times the chorus has - especially backstage waiting for the lights to go on and the curtains to go up. Add to that several local performances a year, and you have a good idea of what belonging to this great chorus is all about.

What are the costs involved?

Every hobby entails costs and this one is no different. As a chartered chorus of Sweet Adelines International, we pay membership fees at local, regional and international levels. As with any competitive sport, there are also travel costs,  however, we try to keep the costs down through our fundraising efforts.