New Member Experience (25-Jan-2023)

My name is Adrienne McLean. I became a member of Canadian Showtime Chorus in November of 2022 and I have been invited to share my experience with their New Member Program.

I retired shortly before the pandemic began and was hoping to become involved in a singing group once restrictions started to ease. A family member found CSC through a Google search and sent me the link to their website. I took one look at everyone’s smiling face and sparkly costume and I was hooked!

I quickly fired off an email to get more information and received a prompt reply. Their New Member program for the fall season was starting in two days. Perfect!

I showed up for rehearsal excited and nervous. The chorus member in charge of the New Member program was there to welcome me and set me at ease. I sat in the visitors’ chairs for rehearsal and was blown away. In my opinion, recordings don’t even come close to the live experience. I was immersed in beautifully blended female harmonies. I couldn’t wait to get started!

CSC is a well-oiled machine. I started receiving regular emails from the chorus almost immediately. I gained access to the website. I was informed that, if I was interested in becoming part of the chorus, a vocal placement would happen within a week or two, followed by a full vocal and choreo audition a few weeks after that.

Three chorus members attended my vocal placement, chatting with me ahead of time so that I felt comfortable. Once it was over (bari all the way!) I was matched up with another baritone, my Chorus Connection. She was very helpful and patiently answered my many questions. I started working on singing, and moving, to the audition piece. I realized that I was going to need help with the choreography. CC to the rescue! We worked on it together.

Audition Day came with my time slot right before rehearsal. My CC stood behind me, ready to help me vocally if I needed it. I was surrounded by ladies singing their parts while the music and choreography directors stood before me. I did my thing, more than once, and received a lot of positive and encouraging feedback.

They announced to the chorus during rehearsal that I was a new member of CSC. I was thrilled! 

Thanks to all of you. CSC rocks!