Trust and Accept (22-Jul-2022)

You hear it often! Become a Sweet Adelines and you will never have to worry about being alone, out in the cold or in need of a place to sing – or a place to have Zoom meetings!!! 

In early June, my husband and I were making our way across Canada in our RV and had plans to stay in Edmonton for 5 days as I had Zoom IBOD meetings to attend. We booked a site at an RV park but expected we’d have to pivot to a hotel if WIFI wasn’t reliable at the park! 

I happened to mention this to a fellow Sweet Adeline during Zoom meeting and she suggested I come visit Alberta Heartland Chorus when in town!  Because of IBOD meetings I said it was unlikely but that I would try!

No more than a week later, I received a warm email from Mary Teed. She was inviting me to come to hers for my afternoon meetings while in Edmonton. She works and I would have my privacy, she said, and it wouldn’t be a bother, she said. Wow! Quite the offer!  I thanked her whole heartedly and said I would think about it and get back to her soon!

I hummed and I hawed and knowing I would happily do the same for a Sweet Adeline in need, I decided to take Mary up on her offer! She was going to be at work when I arrived so she sent me the front door code and told me to make myself at home!  I arrived to a “Welcome JD” sign on the door! OMGosh! I did not expect to find sticky notes at every turn showing me where to find things, a cozy wrap, cozy socks in case I got cold OR snacks! A whole selection of snacks! And a note telling me there was a fruit salad in the fridge for me too! What a welcome! 

On day one, my IBOD meetings ended at 4:15 and my Canadian Showtime Chorus Management Team meeting started at 4:30 so I didn’t even get a chance to go upstairs and meet my hostess with the mostess before she left for her quartet practice. The next day when I arrived, she again had left for work so it is not until early evening on Thursday that we finally met! Of course, we immediately hit it off and could have talked all night if only she didn’t have to head off to a music team meeting! Yes, Mary has a servant’s heart and is involved in many aspects of Sweet Adelines International too!

Mary made my meetings stress free that week and I am eternally grateful! Take a chance - trust and accept kind and generous offers. I found a kindred spirit and have made a friend for life! I’ve said it before and I say it again, I love, love, love my hobby!!

JD Crowe

Proud and grateful Sweet Adeline!