It’s A Good Day!!!


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Does that not describe to a "T" how our Joe Connelly coaching days go? What an amazing weekend of coaching with this incredible talent!

Joe and our Master 700 director, Sandie, work so well together – they complement one another – they trust one another – they act like siblings in fact (just a healthy dose of good-natured bickering J) – they motivate us – they make us laugh – they make us cry!! They brought us to new heights this weekend. A nuance here, an embellishment there, the introduction of swag to our character, getting us to embrace the swing in the lyric and putting the appropriate emphasis on the choreo moves to match all, contributed to the goose flesh and raised hairs on the back of the neck that took over the risers by end of day. Wow! Impressive work! Love our new sound and newfound determination!

 Like many choruses, we have snowbirds and with that comes riser placement changes! Our new members got their first homes on the risers but as Sandie sometime says - “Don’t put your curtains up just yet” – we need to settle into this new sound so some tweaking may be required! Our front row is temporarily small but still mighty – we have new bookends and we welcomed a new member to the floor. Plans are in the place for the journey to contest and beyond!!

 CSC has a mantra –be the best that you can be! That’s all it takes! Learned so much at Sun & Sing and can’t wait to share!! Enter the positive zone – state your intention – live by the CSC mission of commitment and respect. Singing from the sidelines for a good chunk of Saturday allowed me to observe – see and hear how really amazing we are! Ebb and flow – it’s natural – it’s okay – it means change and change means growth! So excited for the next leg of our journey!

We ended our coaching session on a very special note. Tag singing with Joe Connelly! He taught us Why Did You Break My Heart – the only tag he ever wrote, some 15 years ago. We stood in a circle around him and Sandie, learned each voice part and made beautiful music together. But there is more to this story! Unbeknownst to Joe, Brian Hogan wrote a song around this beautiful tag and sent him the chart a couple of years ago!!  How special is that!

Pictures speak volumes! Have a look for yourself – did we have a great time or what!!

So in love! xo

 JD Crowe