Contest Morning – The Big Dance!! (12-Oct-2017)

 It is here!! What the last 18 months have been about – since that moment 2 regional contests ago when we came second and qualified as a wildcard for Vegas III!

 Truth be known, however, this journey started 35 years ago when Canadian Showtime Chorus chartered!  Our founding director, master director 700 Sandie Nason, had vision – and the talent – to bring us to this stage and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this formidable team!

 It is 7 am and the Canadian Showtime Chorus members are busy getting fully made up to gather at 8 am for our final run of intros and tags, chilling together and preparing for that long walk from our rehearsal room - to the gathering point - to the traffic pattern - to the International stage!!

 We are strong, we are fearless – we BELIEVE! We are ready!!

 Here I sit listening to spa music on the TV, reflecting on what this experience means to me! Well, quite simply put, the world! To be gifted with the opportunity and the privilege to stand on this stage – at the big dance as coach Joe would say – is what fills my soul! This is THE biggest of dances as for the last time, we share this stage with our beloved Sandie Nason! She has cared and nurtured us, taught us from the heart all these years and she has given us our wings. 

 She asks but one thing from us today – to go out there and do the best that we can do. Be the best that we are and revel in the moment.  Get the job done – for you – for one another!

 I am ready and I believe! So without any further to-do …. We are ready for our next contestant – contestant #4 – representing Lake Ontario Region 16, from Ottawa Ontario, under the direction of Sandie Nason – Canadian Showtime Chorus!!!!!

 Proud CSC blogger

JD Crowe