Contest Ready!! (01-May-2018)

Two years in the making – the final journey with our founding Master Director 700 Sandra Nason!!

Canadian Showtime Chorus has had many lasts in the past 12 months leading up to Sandie’s retirement! Our last appearance on the International Stage (Vegas III) with her; our final coaching sessions with the amazing Erin Howden and Joe Connolly with Sandie in the room; our last show at Centerpointe Theatre – For Sentimental Reasons; and finally our last coaching session with Sandie – our family time – for the final stretch of our journey to the regional stage!!

It was an amazing weekend of coaching! The type that hypes you up and makes you feel like there is nothing between you and the finish line. The superpower theme picked for our last rally was more about what we individually bring to the chorus to make us successful than being superheroes!!!

Sure – there were capes and masks but the power messages shared is what really mattered! Sandie had elf ears in her pocket (she loves us but not enough to cement said ears to her own! LOL) as without her ears we would not have achieved the heights we have over the years! Key components of beautiful harmony as well as characteristics of being an ensemble singer were depicted in our superpowers!! We could feel the buildup of positivity and energy over the last several weeks but everyone tapping into their creative souls this weekend generated a rare form of electricity that left us giddy and exhausted by the end of the day.

Of course, the sugar-rush at the end of the day when we fell face first into birthday cakes made us even giddier! Another last – wishing Sandie a happy birthday. She shares her special birthday coming up on March 28th with another chorus member – Carol Railer - born one year behind her - so Sandie pulled her into the spotlight and made this celebration all about her too!

Two more lasts to come – our Friends and Family night on April 10th at the Ron Kolbus Center, Britannia Beach, Ottawa. Hope to see you in the audience! Then comes our grand finale on the regional contest stage in Syracuse April 20 (quartets) and April 21 (choruses). We aim to make our Momma Bear proud!

Naturally, we got sentimental this coaching weekend! Our rehearsal hall is our second home and it is odd to think of it without Sandie in it. She of course is the one that has to hand the key over to the next head of the family so difficult in a different sense for her.  We can see in the twinkle in her eye however that she is comfortable leaving us in the capable hands of her successor! (Yes … we will soon announce!!)

You’ve been our cornerstone Sandie. You are a remarkable teaching and have willingly imparted your wisdom and knowledge of barbershop music for decades – we’ve learned so much from you!  We are a product of your talents!

Our continued success is your legacy! Sit back and watch your little bears swim across the river – be it calm or choppy! We’ve got this!!


JD Crowe

CSC Proud Blogger