Coaching weekend with Joe Connelly!!!! It didn’t happen at Canadian Showtime Chorus’s usual venue at the Nepean Creative Arts Center – we settled instead in the hall at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Stittsville! The risers were all set up when we arrived and the coffee was brewing in the kitchen! It’s the people that make the home and in no time the room was buzzing from the prospect of the day. While waiting for Sandie and coach to arrive, the troops were gathered for a physical and vocal warmup. The energy in the room was palpable and no doubt this wonderful few days in the presence of greatness will go down in our recent history as one of the greatest and most exciting events ever!!

It’s been a while folks but that doesn’t mean that Canadian Showtime Chorus has been sitting idle!! Au contraire!!

There is nothing like a retreat to bring renewed energy, focus and commitment to a chorus. Not to mention unleashing creativity and discovering hidden treasures and talents in our ranks – we welcomed two new front row members on Saturday morning and one nearly new front row member Erica emerged as a great teacher and talent and is now our new choreographer!!

Canadian Showtime Chorus’s travelled to Cornwall ON for a brilliant two- day retreat at the NAV Center, a beautiful facility that perfectly met our retreat needs! Add our two incredible coaches Erin Howden and Joe Connolly to the mix and you have yourself a pretty amazing weekend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Canadian Showtime Chorus is two weeks back into the fold after our summer break! Tonight started like all other nights – risers up – sound system connected – physical warm-up – vocal warm-up - and a sit down???

Not our usual format!! Master Director 700, Sandie Nason, asked us to gather close and sit while she outlined the music plan from now through to April 2018. Instead of starting with next steps and outlining upcoming activities, Sandie announced that she would start at the end of the plan and talk about April 2018 first and work her way back to today!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Way to Represent!! CSC is in the House!!

Some were traveling to Syracuse today – some already in Syracuse were finding bargains at the Carousel Mall – others were taking care of their responsibilities on the Convention Team – some were rehearsing in preparation for contest! But any way you slice it, it was a day full of joy, laughter and bonding! Seeing friends for the first time since about the same time last year was one of the best parts of the day! Hugs – huge bear hugs! And spring-like weather in Syracuse! Who could ask for anything more!